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Kirby Vacuum Fan Change

How to Change a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Fan or Impeller Follow the Step By Step Instructions Below to easily Change the Fan in Any Kirby Vacuum Cleaner From Generation 3 To Sentria Tools Needed: 1 Large Flat Blade Heavy Screwdriver (10″ long or more) 2 medium size narrow flat blade screw drivers about the same in  size Torx Driver or Torx Bit Set (For Later Models) Phillips Screwdriver (For Earlier Models) Narrow blade screwdriver or...

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How to Change a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Fan or Impeller

Follow the Step By Step Instructions Below to easily Change the vacuum belt in any Kirby Vacuum Cleaner regardless of age. These instructions are shown using a Kirby Ultimate G model but the procedues for any model Kirby are similar. Tools Needed: No Tools are needed. Step 1 BE SURE YOUR KIRBY VACUUM IS UNPLUGGED BEFORE PROCEEDING. Locate the Kirby brushroll nozzle latch (#1) and the belt lifter assembly (#2) Step 2   Turn the...

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15 Most Popular Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners, gotta love ‘em, especially if you’re partial to quality products that are still made right here in the USA. And for those of you who are as tired as I am of disposable vacuum cleaners that last 1 to 2 years and never worked that well to begin with, you can appreciate a durable vacuum like the Rainbow that not only performs well, but commonly lasts 20 years or more. But even...

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Hoover SteamVac Dual V Leaking Valves

Leaking valves on the Hoover SteamVac Dual V Series are a common problem.  Typical model numbers for this line are the F7210-900 and the F7452-900, but if your model number has the number 7 after the F then this post applies to your model as well. NOTE: If the Solution tank on your Hoover SteamVac Dual V model leaks as soon as you put water and shampoo into it then the problem is most likely one...

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10 Tips to Maintain Tristar Vacuums

Tristar or Compact Vacuum Cleaners have been around since the early 1940′s, and in our opinion they are in the top 10 as far as dependabilty, performance and durability. Pricey? Yes. Dealer support lacking? So we’ve heard. But, in spite of that, we have found that the Tristar vacuum will last a minimum of 20 years if properly maintained. It is not uncommon to see a 40 year old TriStar still going strong. We had...

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