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This is a drawing showing all repair parts available for the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Motor Section

Parts in this drawing will fit Kirby Models, Generation 3, G4, G5, Gsix, Ultimate G, Diamond Edition and Sentria

kirby vacuum generation series motor parts

Key # Image Description Price Buy
1 kirby field assembly 2 Speed Field Assembly  $52.19 

2 Kirby Motor Housing  Motor Housing  $17.29 

3 Kirby Motor Field Screw  Motor Field Screw


Set of 2 

4 Motor Field Screw Nut  Motor Field Screw Nut


Set of 2 

5 kirby motor Complete Motor Assembly With Armature, Field, Carbon Brushes, Motor Housing, Fan and Switch  $331.59 

Key # Image Description Price Buy
6 kirby carbon brush Carbon Brush



7 Carbon Brush Holder Screw  Carbon Brush Holder Screw


 Set of 2

8 Power Switch Screw  Power Switch Screw  $3.99

Set of 2

9 kirby armature Armature Assembly With Rear Bearing  $57.69 

10 Motor Static Washer  Motor Static Washer  $8.29 

Key # Image Description Price Buy
11 Rear Bearing Spring  Rear Bearing Spring  $3.99

12 Bearing Plate and Seal  Bearing Plate Assembly With Motor Seal  $22.09 

13 Front Bearing Retainer Ring  Front Bearing Retainer Ring  $3.99

14 Kirby Front Bearing  Front Bearing  $7.69

15 Bearing Plate Screw  Bearing Plate Screw  $7.99 

Key # Image Description Price Buy
16 kirby fan assembly 6 Piece Fan Kit With Fan, Pulley, Metal Washer, Fiber Washer, Metal Spacer and Grease Seal  $14.69 

18 Motor Drive Clip  Motor Drive Clip  $3.99

19 Kirby Motor Mount Clip and Screw Kit  Motor Mount Clip and Screw Kit  $3.99

4 Screws and 4 Clips 

20 kirby switch Power Switch  $40.79 

21  Kirby Right Carbon Brush Wire  Right Carbon Brush Wire  $3.99 

Key # Image Description Price Buy
22 Kirby Left Carbon Brush Wire  Left  Carbon Brush Wire  $3.99 

23 Bearing Plate to Motor Gasket  Bearing Plate To Motor Gasket $3.99

24 Kirby Static Wire  Static Wire  $3.99

25 Kirby Rear Bearing  Rear Bearing  $7.79 

26 Switch With Circuit Board Diamond Edition  Switch With Circuit Board

Diamond Edition Only 

Key # Image Description Price Buy

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