BISSELL 1605 SmartClean Vacuum Cleaning Robot


Triple Action Cleaning System: dual edge brushes, unique brushroll and powerful suction to pick up dirt, pet hair and debris, even along edges & in corners
Lithium Ion battery: lasting, powerful, hands-free cleaning
Multi-surface cleaning: self-adjusts to easily cover carpet, hard floors, tile, and laminate

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Product Description



Cleaning home is a chore no more. Not when you have a Bissell1605 at home. Let the robot take over your cleaning job. The SmartClean Robotic Vacuum bissell 1605 needs no handling and no supervision to carry out its job. It will keep your home as new as it was built yesterday; always and for ever.

Is It Resourceful?

The suction action of the Robotic Vacuum and its unique brush roll do not spare even a tiny bit of dust to rest in its place. The brushes that clean the edges spotlessly pick up even an invisible hair. Its revolution navigation system manoeuvres the vacuum cleaner anywhere it is programed to go.

Paucity of time these days makes tasks like vacuuming the house a bother. The busy life style is given some ease by the robotic vacuum. What is more, it comes with a one year warranty.

The Robotic Vacuum always makes it a point to return to its docking station where its self-charging also takes place. You can plan your cleaning schedule according to your convenience.

Features At A Glance

The Bissell1605 has features that will amaze you.

Triple-Action Cleaning System

Does a vacuum cleaner need reliability? It sure does when there are corners and edges that cannot normally be reached without gargantuan efforts. The SmartClean Vacuum sports dual spinning edge brushes that take edges and corners in their stride as they swish by. The rotating brush roll makes sure that the hair or debris that got embedded are unseated and lifted. Loose dirt is sucked into the dust bin.

Multi-Surface Adaptability

The Bissell1605 has the ability to distinguish various floor types. This recognition is the result of its unique design. Whether you have tiles or laminates fixed on the floor or laid low-pile carpet or chosen hard floor, it is all the same to the machine. It cleans everything to a highest degree. Another feature that no average vacuum has is the Opticlean. These unique sensors seek out debris and dirt from the most used parts of home and consequently most prone to get dirtier than other parts. Invisible Wall Technology keeps the machine in the room you most want to clean. The least wanted rooms are kept out of its purveyance.


Ordinary batteries, however powerful, do not match up to the tasks and the elegance with which Bissell1605 does its deed. The most apt battery that will come up to the mark is the lithium-ion one. This battery lasts longer than any other battery you can purchase in the market. Its power is tremendous and it does not wane easily or quickly as other batteries do. Do you have to use your hands for anything? It is hands-free!

The machine’s navigation is a treat to watch. It is as though it has a life of its own which in fact is almost true. It can go under furniture with precision and go around them with the discipline of a military unit in motion. Space under beds, chairs and its other cousins and tables is all subjected to its careful observation and made spick and span.

What You will Find in the Box

1 – SmartClean® Robot Vacuum

1 – Filter (located inside dust bin)

1 – Power Adapter

1 – Lithium-Ion Battery

2 – Edge Cleaning Brushes.

1 – Invisible Wall (requires 4 AA batteries, not included)


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