15 Most Popular Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners, gotta love ‘em, especially if you’re partial to quality products that are still made right here in the USA. And for those of you who are as tired as I am of disposable vacuum cleaners that last 1 to 2 years and never worked that well to begin with, you can appreciate a durable vacuum like the Rainbow that not only performs well, but commonly lasts 20 years or more. But even the best of things need to be maintained and fixed from time to time. So, we present to you the 15 Rainbow parts that we have found to be the most common that need to be replaced occasionally.

Rainbow Water Pan Early1. D3 Through SE Model Water Pan

This water pan will fit Rainbow vacuum cleaner models D3, D3C, D4, D4C and SE. This is the 2 quart water pan which came standard with most models. This is the generic version, not a genuine Rainbow product. We only sell generic Rainbow products if we have found that they perform as well as the genuine. We have sold this brand for well over 12 years and have found that it is every bit as good as the genuine at a far lower cost. Sorry, but there is no longer a water pan available for the old D and D2 model Rainbow vacs.



Rainbow E Series Water Pan2. E Series Water Pan

This 2 quart water pan fits all E series single speed and 2 speed Rainbow models. This is a genuine Rainbow water pan. We tried the generic version and, while it was OK, it didn’t have the cautionary label about the water level on it, it wasn’t as clear as the genuine and it wasn’t that much cheaper.


3. Rainbow Vacuum Power Nozzle Belts

Most people tend to forget that a fast spinning, aggressive brush roll is as important to cleaning as strong suction. The belt on your Rainbow is made of rubber and will stretch over time. When your belt stretches, your brush roll slips. We strongly recommend you replace the belt on your Rainbow vacuum every 6 to 10 months. These are genuine Rainbow belts that will fit any Rainbow Power Nozzle ever made.

$6.99 – Set of 3

Rainbow side pulley brush roll4. Brush Roll With Side Metal Pulley

This style brush roll was standard with D3, D3C, D4, D4C and early SE model Rainbows. It will fit power nozzle models 1650, 2800 and 4375. This is the generic brush roll. It is made of solid hardwood (maple or beech) and has a metal pulley on the end that the belt rides on. This brush roll is complete with end caps and ball bearings on both ends.


Rainbow Brush Roll With Center Fit Belt5. Brush Roll – Belt Fits in Center

This brush roll is also the generic version – at less than half the price of the genuine. It has hex-shaped end caps. The belt on this brush roll fits in the middle. Solid hard wood, complete with ball bearings and end caps. Fits later model SE and all E series Rainbow Vacuums.


Rainbow Separator RR6250

6. Separator.

The separator has the very important job of keeping water out of your motor. All separators should be brushed clean after every use. If the vanes become bent or broken, replace the separator immediately before using your Rainbow again. The brass (or plastic on newer models) nut should be snugged down but do not overtighten it. Clean the motor shaft threads that the nut secures to occasionally with a brush and apply a light coating of petroleum jelly to prevent the nut from seizing.

This separator (above) fits D2, D3, D3C D4 and D4C models. Notice that the vanes are at an angle and not straight up and down.


Rainbow Separator D4C SE7. Separator

Read # 6 above for information related to all separators. This separator fit later D4C and all SE models. Notice that the vanes are straight up and down and there is a hex shaped wall about 1/8″ tall on the inside bottom.


Rainbow E Separator R78058. Separator

Read # 6 above for information related to all separators. This separator is for E, E1 and Early E2 series Rainbows – single speed models only. When originally made, this separator came with a metal band around the outside. Rainbow redesigned it without the metal band. Don’t worry, this is indeed a genuine Rainbow part and will perform as well as the original one, even without the metal band.


Rainbow E 2 Speed Separator9. Separator

Read # 6 above for information related to all separators. This separator fits Rainbow E2 – 2 speed models. This one comes with a plastic nut, not a brass nut.


Rainbow latch assembly RR7560310. Latch Assembly

This latch will fit all D4, D4C and SE models. It will not fit any E Series models. This is an assembly that includes the brass pin and spring. It’s relatively easy to install. First, take a look at a good latch assembly installed on your machine. (Hopefully they’re not both broken.) You will notice that there is a brass pin running through the mounting ‘ears’ on the sides of the latch. This pin runs straight through the ears, spring and latch from side to side. Using the new brass pin, simply take a small hammer and tap the old pin out. Remove the old assembly and install the new assembly. Pay close attention to the way the spring is positioned.


Rainbow Latch E Series11. Latch Assembly

This latch assembly fits E, E1 and E2 Series models. It also includes a new spring and pin. Take a look at # 10 above for easy installation tips.


Rainbow Housing Repair Kit12. Housing Repair Kit

This kit is a real life saver. If the latch mounting ‘ears’ on the body of your Rainbow get broken, you will be faced with trying to find a replacement motor housing (which are not available new) or installing this kit. Simply line this repair kit up with the old mounting ears, drill 4 holes and rivet the kit in place. I admit, it’s not pretty, but it works and will save you hours of labor. This kit will repair models, D2, D3, D3C, D4, D4C and SE.


Rainbow Power Nozzle Motor13. Power Nozzle Motor

This is a replacement motor for Rainbow power nozzle models R1024, R1650, R2800 and R4375. (Check rear of power nozzle for model number, some model numbers also included a letter after the model number.) Earlier versions of this motor were mounted with the use of a metal band that ran across the center of the motor. Later versions were mounted with 2 screws that went through the motor in the left rear and right front. Older motors also had  a plastic band around the motor shaft. That plastic band is not included on this motor, but it does not affect the operation.



14. Power Nozzle Motor.

This motor fits power nozzle models R5825, PN2 and PN2E. It fits power nozzles that came standard with D4C SE, E, E1 and E2 Single Speed Rainbow Vacuums. It mounts to the power nozzle body with 3 screws. This motor comes with only 1 wire attached. It will be necessary for you to pull the black wire off the old motor and reattach it to the new motor.


Rainbow Spring Clip15. Spring Clip With Button

This little part is a huge money saver. Most Rainbow wands lock together with a spring loaded button. When the old spring gets worn or bent or broken the button will no longer extend through the hole enough to be able to lock in place. You would then be faced with purchasing a complete new wand. This spring clip will repair your wand in 5 minutes or less and save you up to $70.00. You simply remove the old button lock from inside the wand (most were riveted in place) with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Compress the new Spring Clip slightly, insert it in to the wand so the button sticks out through the hole and you’re back in business.