Does My Kirby Vacuum Have a Lifetime Warranty

Good question. And also a frequently asked one. First, let me make clear that we are not a Kirby dealer and we are not affiliated with the Kirby company in any way. So, as with anything you read on the internet and elsewhere, do not assume that this post is 100% accurate. I am writing only in reference to what I have experienced over the past 20 years. Do your research, check other sources and come to your own conclusions.

A lifetime warranty means to me that no matter what happens to a product, for the time that I own it, if it breaks, the manufacturer is going to fix it. I have never heard of the Kirby company honoring any such warranty. If there are any Kirby owners who have had a different experience, I would appreciate your comments.

It has been my experience that a new Kirby, at least in the last 20 years, carries a 3 year warranty. This is of course a limited warranty. It does not cover Kirby vacuums used for commercial purposes. It also does not cover obvious abuse, or damage from weather, fire or other natural occurrences. That’s what homeowners’ or renters’ insurance is for. Kirby, as with most other vacuum cleaner companies, also does not cover wear items such as brush rolls, belts and bulbs.

So, why do so many Kirby owners think they have an unconditional, lifetime warranty? Here’s my opinion. For many years, Kirby has done a superb job of rebuilding old machines. When you bought your Kirby you received your sales contract. Somewhere in that contract in a statement that says something like: “For as long as you own this Kirby vacuum model xxx, we agree to do a complete rebuild of your machine for $xxx.00. For whatever the price was that you agreed on at the time of sale, when you return your vacuum to the Kirby factory, they will bring it back to like new condition. They will replace brush roll, belt, furniture guard, outside bag and other parts as necessary. Your machine is completely taken apart, cleaned and serviced. They also buff the aluminum outside surfaces so it looks like it just came off the assembly line. In other words, it is effectively a new machine. This may be where some owners and sales reps get the term ‘lifetime warranty’.
For more information on the Kirby warranty, visit or call them at:

US and Canada 1-800-494-8586
United Kingdom: 0800-328-1247
Europe: 00-800-5472-9272
South Africa: 0800-203-222
Russia: +81080054729272