How to Change a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Fan or Impeller

Follow the Step By Step Instructions Below to easily Change the vacuum belt in any Kirby Vacuum Cleaner regardless of age. These instructions are shown using a Kirby Ultimate G model but the procedues for any model Kirby are similar.

Tools Needed:

No Tools are needed.

Step 1
kirby bekt change step 1


Locate the Kirby brushroll nozzle latch (#1) and the belt lifter assembly (#2)

Kirby Belt Change Step 2

Step 2


Turn the Belt Lifter (#1) until the red arrows are aligned. Turn the Nozzle latch until the nozzle is released and remove the nozzle.

Kirby belt change step 3

Step 3

Place the nozzle on a flat table or workbench and turn the belt lifter until the green arrows meet.

Kirby belt change step 4

Step 4

Turn the nozzle over and turn the rug plate latches(#1) in the direction noted and remove the rug plate (#2).

Kirby belt change step 5

Step 5

Remove the brushroll and place a new belt in the center of the brushroll.

Kirby belt change step 6

Step 6

Now is a good time to remove any hair, string etc. from the ends of the Kirby Brushroll. The end caps will pull off and you can easily get to whatever is caught up in the bearings. Be sure to do just 1 end cap at a time so that they go back on the correct end.

Kirby belt change step 7

Step 7

Notice that there are notches and numbers on each end of the brushroll. The higher the number showing toward you when you reinstall the brushroll, the further the bristles will stick out. As your brushroll wears down you simply turn it so that a little more bristle will stick out past the rug plate. Newer brushrolls should be installed so that the number 1 shows, after a year or so you would turn it to number 2 and so on until you run out of numbers, then it’s time to buy a new brushroll. To see if your bristles are sticking out the correct distance; simply place 2 credit cards flat against the rug plate, the bristles should stick out approximately the thickness of the 2 credit cards.

Kirby belt change step 8

Step 8

Reinstall the Kirby brushroll, belt and rug plate and secure the rug plate. Look into the rear of the brushroll nozzle and locate the belt and belt hook. Turn the belt lifter assemly in the front until you have hooked the belt on the belt hook. The red arrows on the fron of the nozzle should now be aligned.

Kirby belt change step 9

Step 9

Reinstall the nozzle and latch it closed.

Kirby belt change step 10

Step 10

Turn the belt lifter until the green arrows are aligned. You Kirby belt is now installed.

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