Kirby Vacuum Fan Change

How to Change a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Fan or Impeller

Follow the Step By Step Instructions Below to easily Change the Fan in Any Kirby Vacuum Cleaner From Generation 3 To Sentria

Tools Needed:
  • 1 Large Flat Blade Heavy Screwdriver (10″ long or more)
  • 2 medium size narrow flat blade screw drivers about the same in  size
  • Torx Driver or Torx Bit Set (For Later Models)
  • Phillips Screwdriver (For Earlier Models)
  • Narrow blade screwdriver or Ice Pick
  • Good Grade of Silicone or other type Sealant

kirby fan change 1a

Step 1
BE SURE YOUR KIRBY VACUUM IS UNPLUGGED BEFORE PROCEEDING.Remove the Kirby Brushroll nozzle so that the fan case is exposed.

kirby fan change - remove bag

Step 2

Remove the mini emtor (plastic base of cloth bag). Just rotate it out toward you and it will release.

kirby fan change - remove handle and rear cord cover

Step 3

Depress the button (#1) and Remove the Kirby Handle.

Remove the Screw (#2) from the rear cord keeper. Kirby Generation 3 and early G4 models used phillips screws – later models use a torx screw.

kirby fan change - remove side cord cover and cord

Step 4

Remove the screw (phillips or torx) from the side cord cover, remove the cord cover  and unplug the cord from the receptacle of the Kirby Vacuum.

kirby fan change - remove screw from rear motor cover shroud

Step 5

Remove the screw from the plastic motor cover shroud. Remove the shroud and set it aside along with handle and cord.

kirby fan change remove 2 rear screws from motor cover

Step 6

Remove the 2 screws from the rear of the motor cover.

kirby fan change 7

Step 7

Remove the 2 screws from the front of the motor cover and remove the motor cover.

kirby fan change 8

Step 8

Kirby Ultimate G Models Have a 2 Speed switch attached to the motor cover. Carefully remove this switch from the motor cover before setting the motor cover aside.
You will not see this switch on any other model.

kirby fan change remove 5 screws from fan case

Step 9

Remove 5 screws from the front of the fan case.

kirby fan change remove fan case

Step 10

The Fan case on your Kirby is sealed at the factory with silicone sealant. Make sure you have removed all 5 screws from the front of the fan case in step 9 above before proceeding. To fully remove the fan case;  using a large flat blade screwdriver with heavy tip at the point shown in the picture; tap the handle of the screwdriver solidly with a hammer. This will loosen the sealant enough to completely remove the fan case.

kirby fan change remove fan step 1

Step 11

Place a narrow blade screwdriver or ice pick through the hole in the fan pulley.

kirby fan change remove fan step 2

Step 12

You will find the rear of the motor shaft directly below the push button that releases the handle. Find the flat spot on the motor shaft and using a 3/8 inch open end wrench secure the motor shaft so it won’t turn. Return to the fan pulley and using the ice pick or screwdriver, turn the fan pulley CLOCKWISE to remove the pulley.

kirby fan change remove fan step 3

Step 13

Using 2 narrow flat blade screws on either side of the fan; pry up evenly to remove the fan.

kirby fan change 6 piece fan kit

Step 14

You can purchase the original Kirby Fan as a six piece kit here. It will include; fan, pulley, metal spacer, rubber grease seal, fiber washer and metal washer.
Put the rubber grease seal over the metal spacer. Place the spacer and seal with seal toward motor on the motor shaft first. The fiber washer goes next, followed by fan, metal washer and fan pulley. Turn the fan pulley counter cockwise until it is just snug. DO NOT overtighten.

kirby fan change fan case sealing

Step 15

Before reassembling the fan case; put a narrow bead of silicone all away around the outside of the fan case. Reassemble and tighten all hardware. BEFORE YOU APPLY FULL POWER; be sure to spin the fan by hand a few times to make sure nothing is jammed and you have a smooth rotation of the fan and motor.