Dirt Devil F1 Generic Filter

If you have a model 088500, 088525, or 088520, then you will need to check the series letter of your vacuum cleaner. The series letter can be found on the back of the vacuum, on a sticker that has the model and serial numbers. If your vacuum cleaner has a series of C or higher, or doesn’t have any series then you should use this filter. If you have a series A, or B, then this filter will NOT fit your vacuum.
This 3-JC0280-000 replacement filter fits Dirt Devil models: Bagless Extra Lite, Breeze, Featherlite Bagless, Jaguar Bagless, Platinum Force Vision, Platinum Force Vision with Sensor, Scorpion and Vision Bagless Models 086925L, 086935L, 088100, 088105, 088150, 088175, 088500,088600, 088650, 088750 and 088760, 085800, 085805, 085845, 086700,086925, 086935, 086940, 087500, 087600, 087700, 087800, 087900, 088100,088105, 088110, 088115, 088150, 088175, 088300, 088400, 088525, 088700,088900, 091210, 091700, 091750, 091800


Looking for high quality Dirt Devil replacement bags that don’t cost a fortune?

You know how important it is to regularly change your vacuum filters. Dirty vacuum filters can reduce the cleaning efficiency of your vacuum cleaner, and may just end up spreading dust all over your home or office.

Constantly purchasing original replacement filters, however, can cost you a lot of your hard-earned cash. Be practical by choosing our replacement filters that offer the same performance, but cost a lot less than the original.

Keep your vacuum cleaner running like new with the ZVac F1 Hepa Replacement Vacuum Filters For Dirt Devil.

Made of OEM-quality materials, these replacement filters promise an exact fit and 100% reliability. These filters are designed specifically for most Dirt Devil vacuums, but are also compatible with vacuum cleaners that use F1 HEPA filters.

These filters are compatible with these models: 85810, 85800, 85820, 85805, 85830, UD40140, UD40130, UD40235, UD40135, UD40235HD, M088300, M088162HD, M088400, M088175, M088450, 88905, 88805, 088990HD, 88900, 91600, M085835, M085810, M085840HD, M085830T, M085845, 86700.

They also fit these Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner models: M085800, M087500, M086700W, M087600B, M086940, M087700, 87900, 87700, 88100, 87800, 88105, M088905, M088805, M088990HD, M088900, M091600, M085807HD, M085805, M091750, RY6100.

Check out more features of our filters right here:

👍 Tested numerous times to ensure quality and safety
👍 Easy to install and replace
👍 Designed and engineered in the USA

Replacing your filters does not need to ruin your budget. Add ZVac’s F1 HEPA Replacement Vacuum Filters to your cart NOW!
👍 SUITABLE FOR MOST DIRT DEVIL VACUUM CLEANERS – These replacement filters are perfect for a Dirt Devil Breeze, Featherlite, Jaguar, Bagless Extra Light, Scorpion, or Vision model.
👍 SECURE FIT – Tired of dust leaking out of your vacuum cleaner? With multiple layers of filtration, each HEPA vacuum filter in this set traps dirt and debris, and prevent them from escaping.
👍 FILTER OUT SMALL & LARGE PARTICLES – Keep your home looking spotless with these replacement filters, which are designed to capture dust, dirt, pollen, spores, pet hair, dust mites and dander.
👍 UNBEATABLE VALUE – Each pack comes with 2 F1 HEPA filters that do the same job as the original Dust Devil versions, but cost up to 85% cheaper, allowing you to save money with each purchase.
👍 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the performance of these vacuum HEPA filters, contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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