Allegro MU4500 Champion 6,000 Square Feet Central Vacuum Power Unit

All Steel 5.7 inch Ametek Lamb Blower Motor
600 Air Watts, 140.8 inch water lift (Suction Power), 124.1 CFM (Air Flow) , 15.7 Amp, ~120v
Permanent Self-Cleaning Maintenance-Free high Permeability Micro Fibre Filter Price: $629.98 (as of 08/12/2023 20:42 PST- Details)

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Brand new Allegro Central Vacuum system: model MU4500 CHAMPION with Electric Package, Central Vacuum Exhaust Muffler, and complete Accessories. This unit comes direct from the factory, has never been used, is new and in its original box. This heavy-duty all-steel construction powerful Allegro Power Unit uses a full-size canister and is ideal for homes up to 6,000 square feet. For more information, see our technical specs below for a full comparison to our other Allegro products to see if the MU4500 is right for you. Designed for homes up to 6,000 sq. ft. (600 m2). Motor: 2-Stage, 5.7″ single speed all metal construction tangential bypass with double ball bearings, 10 mm shaft and bearing system for extra structural rigidity. Air-Watts: 575, Air-Flow: 124.1 CFM, Suction Power: 141.8 Water Lift (H20), Max. Amps: 15.7, Volts: ~ 110 – 120 v, Power: 1855 Watts. Construction: 20 litre (5 US gal.) dirt pail – 11.25″ dia. X 39.5″ height. All steel construction (34 lb.). Filtration: Self-cleaning no maintenance patented Micro-Fibre Filtration Systems. This permanent filtration system never needs to be replaced, or washed, and there are no expensive filter replacement costs. Exhaust: The unit is fully ventable to the outside. Up to 12 Ft exhaust line with standard PVC Central Vacuum Pipe. Note: Electric hose is 30′, pigtail with 3-way switch to turn the suction and powerhead on/off from the handle, color may vary: silver or light grey according to availability and at manufacturer’s discretion. Pigtail hose is the most common configuration used with standard wall valves, if you have electrified wall valves and need a direct connect configuration, please contact Seller with your requirements before placing your order.The color of the garage kit may vary: black, orange or grey according to availability. The color of the powerhead may vary: silver, black or blue according to availability and at manufacturer’s discretion.
****** LAST ONE AT THIS PROMO PRICE ***** All Steel Construction Top Quality Canadian Made since 1997. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $US 999.99. Two Stage 5.7 inch Fan System Ametek Lamb Premium class Blower Motor. Performance: 600 air watts, 140.8 inch water lift suction power, 124.1 CFM Air Flow, 1,855 Watt Cleaning Power, Operating Voltage ~120v, 5 Gallon Collection Capacity
This complete system with the Main Power Unit, Noise Dampening Exhaust Muffler, Deluxe Switched 30 Foot Electric hose and Carpet Electric Powerhead, Natural Horsehair non-scratch Cleaning Tool Set. Hose Cover, Dust Mop, Full Garage Kit (includes 25 foot hose and cleaning tools), Tool Cady, and Tool Bag.
Permanent Self-Cleaning Maintenance-Free high Permeability Micro Fiber Filtration System – This patented material traps dirt particles of 3 micrometer in size with 99.98% efficiency rate (3 micrometer is less than 1/10 of the average thickness of human hair).
Bypass Tangential Blower Motor: Bypass system means that the motor and fan (pump) system are totally segregated allowing cool and clean motor ambient. Separate fan system maintains motor operating temperature improving reliability. The Tangential discharge feature will allow the vacuumed air to be fully exhausted to the outside environment. This means dust and dirt is totally removed from your living area – Ultimate Performance – High Efficiency High Performance Motor
*** GUARANTEED FOR LIFE *** against corrosion perforation. The entire unit is baked epoxy Powder Coat finish inside and out . 7 Year Manufacturer’s Motor Warranty. ******** LAST ONE AT THIS PROMO *********

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