Bissell Style 7 Filter Kit 3093

Style 7/8 upper tank & pre-motor filter, washable, Revolution, Power Glide, clean view, power Trak & lift off bagless vacuums, for use with TV #592-137
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Manufactured in China Price: $7.17 (as of 08/12/2023 20:39 PST- Details)



Style 7 Filter Kit, 3093 by BISSELL Note: Your product may require multiple filters. includes 1 upper tank filter and 1 pre-motor filter Fits Vacuum Models: Lift-Off Bagless, , Lift-Off Revolution, CleanView Series, PowerTrak Series Did you know that your vacuum, bagless or bagged, has filters that should be checked frequently! Depending on your household, your friends at BISSELL recommend cleaning or replacing your filters frequently and more often if you have pets that shed and family/friends that track in dirt and debris. Refer to your BISSELL vacuum owner’s manual for replacement instructions. *Both filters are washable – Clean by hand washing in warm water. A mild detergent may be used if desired. Allow the filter to air dry completely before replacing. It’s a good idea to buy an extra filter to always have a dry one ready to use! Velocity Vacuum 75B21 How to keep vacuums running and looking their best There’s nothing like a quick sweep of the vacuum to freshen a home. It’s a small thing that can make a big difference, much like changing or cleaning the filters in your vacuum. Just like carpets need special care, so do vacuums. Did you know that a BISSELL bagless vacuum may have up to three filters? If you begin to notice performance issues, it may be time to either replace or clean your filters. For non-washable filters, we recommend they be replaced regularly for optimal performance. Clean filters are important as they help to capture dust and other particles that pass through the filter while vacuuming. To get the most out of your vacuum, remember to clean or replace your filters regularly and rely on specially designed filters directly from BISSELL. For use in: CleanView Revolution Deluxe 3596-1, Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vacuum 37604, PowerTrak Revolution Upright Vacuum 6591, Velocity Vacuum 75B21
Includes – 1 upper tank filter and 1 pre-motor filter
Fits vacuum models – lift-off bagless, lift-off revolution, cleanview series, powertrak series
Fits models – 3750 series, 3760 series, 4220 series, 6595 series, 3575 series, 3591 series, 3593 series, 3594 series, 3590 series, 8975 series, 8990 series, 6591 series, 3595 series, 3596 series, 6850 series
Not dishwasher safe

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