Eureka 990A AirExcel Compact No Loss of Suction Canister Vacuum

9 Amps of power
16-Foot cord
10-Inch cleaning path

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Big power. Compact size. The air excel compact canister packs a HEPA filter to capture 99.97percent of dust and allergens and a multi-cyclonic dust cup system that never loses suction into a lightweight, compact canister designed for powerful, hassle-free cleaning. Never loses suction – Eureka has engineered the air excel compact canister vacuum to provide maximum suction power longer than other types of vacuums. Tested to strict industry standards, Eureka multi-cyclonic dust cup system never loses suction and maintains power as you vacuum your home. Bare floor and corner cleaning – the air excel compact is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, from wood and tile floors to ceiling corners and crown molding. The floor nozzle features a foot controlled, two-setting height adjustment switch to clean most floor surfaces. Activate the bare floor brush to clean hard wood, tile and other hard floor surfaces. Retract the brush for cleaning area rugs. Clean above the floor with the telescopic wand and crevice tool and dusting brush. Hassle-free – the flip-bottom dust cup empties easily without any mess. Save money and reduce waste with the washable dust cup filter.

Big Power. Compact Size.


The Eureka Air Excel Compact NLS canister vacuum cleans with enormous suction power. Its multi-cyclonic technology ensures that this vacuum never loses suction while cleaning. What’s even better is that it weighs less than 8 pounds which makes it extremely easy to transport from one place to another. It is able to get into those hard to clean areas where the dirt lingers.

This lightweight canister vacuum is designed to clean both bare floors as well as carpets. The carpet and bare floor brush allows it to clean both surfaces with ease. To make the cleaning process easier, this canister vacuum is enabled with the automatic cord rewind system. The 16.5 inch cord rewinds quickly by just pressing one button. The 9 amp motor makes sure that this vacuum does not lose suction while cleaning.

This Eureka canister uses a HEPA filter that captures 99% of the dust and allergens to make your home a cleaner place. The easy to empty dust cup allows you to empty the dust quickly and easily without creating a mess.


Other Features

Power: 9amps
Filtration: HEPA H6
Containment: Bagless
Cleaning Width: 11”
Warranty: 1 Year
Color: Spritz Green and Metallic Fleck
Hose: 6 feet
Cord: 16.5 feet

adjustable wand

The adjustable wand allows you to clean the hard to reach areas where dirt lingers

Equipped with 9 amps of power, this canister never loses suction

The automatic cord rewind feature rewinds the 16.5 inch cord with ease

Easy to empty dust cup makes cleaning quick and mess free

9 Amps of power
16-Foot cord
10-Inch cleaning path
8 pounds overall weight
Includes crevice tool and dusting brush
Powerful Multi-Cyclonic System
Lightweight vacuum
HEPA Filter
Cleans Carpets & Barefloors
Easy Empty Dust Cup
The AirExcel Compact is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, from wood and tile floors to ceiling corners and crown moldings.Adjust floor nozzle brush lever.for hard floors,press lever down to extend brushes.for carpeted floors, pull lever up to retract brushes


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