Panasonic MC-CG902 Full Size Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner – Corded

Full-size canister vacuum with 12a motor
Power head and onboard tools
14Nozzle width

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14-inch cleaning path

Carpet or bare-floor vac with 14-inch-wide nozzle to cover larger areas in less time. view larger
Easy-grip handle

Comfortable easy-grip handle with on/off power and bare-floor switch.
Wand releases easily

Wand releases easily from nozzle. view larger
HEPA media filter

HEPA media filter helps capture allergens, irritants, and pollutants. view larger
On-board tools

Easy-access on-board tools and 6-foot hose with 360-degree connection for twist-free use. view larger

Bumper allows for safely vacuuming right up to furniture. view larger
Interchangeable tools for versatility

Interchangeable tools for enhanced cleaning versatility (handle image may not reflect actual item). view larger
Belt Saver

Belt saver protects the vacuum, ensuring long-lasting performance. view larger
Tools for detailed cleaning

Attach tools directly to handle for up-close, detailed cleaning (handle image may not reflect actual item). view larger
Cord reel

A light touch activates the automatic cord rewind. view larger

Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Equipped with a powerful 12 amp system, this canister vacuum cleaner by Panasonic not only delivers thorough household cleaning, but it also comes in a compact size that makes maneuvering through the home a breeze. From kitchen floors to living-room rugs to under the beds and over window treatments, it delivers a complete clean from top to bottom.

User-Friendly Design

The vacuum cleaner’s E-Z Grip handle provides a convenient on/off switch, as well as an on/off bare-floor option that shuts off the agitator for safe bare-floor cleaning. Four manual carpet-height positions ensure the right setting for the job, and the vacuum cleaner’s 14-inch-wide nozzle cleans more surface area in less passes. Even more, its curved carrying handle–built into the main body of the unit–allows for convenient maneuvering and transport up and down stairs.

On-Board Tools

For added versatility, the vacuum cleaner provides a variety of handy attachments. Use the floor brush for bare-floor surfaces and the dusting brush for lamp shades and tabletops. The upholstery brush works well for living-room chairs and other upholstered furniture, and the crevice tool quickly sucks up crumbs from in between couch cushions and other tight spots.

Also included are two chrome wands that make it simple to access hard-to-reach areas like far back corners or around light fixtures on the ceiling. All the tools store securely in place under the lid for easy access.


Powerful 12 Amp System

12 amp system offers powerful cleaning performance.

Dual Motor System

The motorized nozzle allows for gentler carpet cleaning and extended belt life.

On/Off Power Switch on Handle

A convenient switch on the handle turns the vacuum on and off.

EZ On/Off Bare-Floor Option on Handle

A convenient switch shuts off the agitator for safe bare-floor cleaning.

Curved Carrying Top Handle

Convenient and sleek handle makes carrying and maneuvering the vacuum less of a chore.

360-Degree Hose Swivel

The hose connection features a nimble swivel device that lets you clean in any direction without the 6-foot hose getting twisted.

4-Position Carpet Height Adjustment

Adjust the setting to 1 of 4 positions for just about any carpet height.


The headlight on the front of the unit turns on automatically so you don’t miss a spot.

14-Inch Cleaning Path

A 14-inch-wide nozzle lets you clean larger areas in less time.

HEPA Media Filter

The HEPA media filter captures small particles such as allergens, irritants, and pollutants.

Automatic Cord Reel

A light touch activates the automatic cord rewind.

Tools On-Board

Multiple tool attachments are recessed on top of the canister for easy access during cleaning.

Handle Grip

E-Z Grip handle reduces fatigue.

Other highlights include dual-active edge cleaning, an illuminating headlight, two smooth-rolling wheels, a 24-foot power cord with automatic cord rewind, a pedal for releasing/lowering the handle, an E-Z Grip handle for comfort during long cleaning sessions, overload protection, and a clean-air system for long-lasting, high-quality performance.

Panasonic Canister Vacuum Cleaners

MC-CG937 MC-CG917 MC-CG902 MC-CL933
Model MC-CG937 MC-CG917 MC-CG902 MC-CL933
Color Black/Vibrant Violet Ebony/Green Burgundy White/Green with Envy
Amperage 12 amp 9.5 amp
On/off switch location On handle On body
Wheels Standard Soft Double molded, soft wheel
Attachments Floor brush, dusting and upholstery brush, crevice tool, combo brush, aluminum telescopic wand Floor brush, dusting and upholstery brush, crevice tool, pet hair air turbine, aluminum telescopic wand Floor brush, dusting brush, upholstery brush, crevice tool, 2 chrome wands Dusting brush, crevice tool
Attachment storage Covered, recessed On handle
Bare floor option Yes Yes, on nozzle — switch
Carpet height adjustment 4-position No
Cleaning path 14 inches 11 inches
Cord length 24 feet
Cord reel Yes
Handle release method Pedal On nozzle
Handle type Ergonomic E-Z grip Integrated handle with bleeder
Headlight Yes (on nozzle) No
Agitator style Wood, tufted, double row Air turbine
Dual motor system Yes No
Edge cleaning Dual active Dual passive
Filter type HEPA media filter
Hose type 6 feet, electrified 6 feet, molded
Hose swivel 360 degrees
Overload protector (belt saver) Yes No
Bonus 2 dust bags (included) 2 dust bags (included) None None
Replacement belt MC-V330B, CB-6 N/A
Replacement bag MC-V295H, C-19 MC-V295H, C-19 MC-V150M, C-5 None
Exhaust filter MC-V199H
Limited warranty 1 year parts and labor 1 year parts and labor 1 year parts and labor 1 year parts and labor

Full-size canister vacuum with 12a motor
Power head and onboard tools
14Nozzle width
24ft cord with Reel
Powerful 12AMP motor system which includes a Motor Protection System that bypasses the motor and fan and directs the dirt right into the bag
Quick Draw Tools on-board for easy access that includes: 2 Standard Wands, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush and a bonus feature “Air Turbine”, Headlight
15″ Cleaning Path, 24 Foot Cord length with Automatic Cord Reel, 12.5 Foot Attachment reach, Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment for proper setting for any carpet type. Please refer the User Manual
Dual Active Edge Cleaning, HEPA Filter System to capture small particles such as allergens, irritants and pollutants
Measures 15″ (W) x 12.5″ (L) x 44.5″ (H), 17.6 lbs, Pepper Red finish


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