Tech Support Changing Kirby G4 Fan Impeller

kirby vacuum cleaner fan

This is a transcript from our Tech Support Chat with good information on replacing the fan on a Kirby G4 Vacuum cleaner.

Paul:Thanks for the opportunity to chat with you. May I help you?

Guest:Hi Paul,can I purchase an impeller ? fan for my G4 Kirby? The 800 # I called said I would have to take in to a repair shop,but that is 2 hrs away. It makes the shrill noise and smells which we have determined the blades are worn and broke in places.

Paul:Yes,we have the fan available –what you like assistance finding it?

Guest:How much does one cost –and will that fix our problem? My husband is pretty good with machines,etc –if he has the proper instruction for installing.

Paul:OK,first make sure not to use it again until the fan is fixed or you will cause more damage.

Paul:If you can click the link on the next line I can show you the fan –can you please let me know when you get to that page?

Guest:We have the base out in our shop


Guest:ok,I see the fan –and it is plastic instead of metal like I have

Guest:Will replacing the fan be the only thing we need to do?

Paul:You have a G4 that had a metal fan?


Guest:I bought it in 1995

Paul:OK –it may have been an after market fan –which is OK. We do not sell the metal fans because there have been instances of an object actually being propelled through the fan case instead of just breaking the fan.

Paul:Yours is the bottom fan on the page you are on.

Guest:OK,thanks,we do want to order this fan —do you send instructions?

Paul:At the top of the box where the fan is for sale you should see a line that says”We have complete Step By Step Instructions on how to change this fan here”

Guest:Ok,I do see that and will print it out.

Guest:Thank you for your help Paul. I will go to the order page now and order the
Guest:bottom fan?

Paul:I’m going to include the link below so you can save the transcript of this chat and have the link handy


Guest:Thank you so much for your help.

Paul:Any Time.