Tech Support Replacing Rainbow D4C SE Motor parts

rainbow vacuum d4c se motorThis is a transcript from our Tech Support Chat with lots of good information on replacing Rainbow D4C SE motor parts.

Paul:Thanks for the opportunity to chat with you. May I help you?

Guest:yes. I am looking for some parts for a Rainbow SE vacuum.

Guest:I’m wondering what sealant is used between the motor gasket flange and the gasket.

Paul:Well,we use a product called Pliobond,but any good brand of Gasket sealant or contact cement will work. Suggest you ask at a local Auto Parts Sale

Guest:Also,I’m trying to find a part for the power nozzle that keeps the cord fastened to the power nozzle. It is a clip of some unknown size

Paul:What model is your power nozzle?

Guest:Let me check

Guest:Any idea where I find the model number?

Paul:If it is available it will be on the back of the power nozzle. Let me just ask –where does the belt fit on your brushroll –off to the side on a metal pulley,or in the center of the brushroll?

Guest:Off to the side on a metal pulley

Paul:OK Give me a few seconds…

Paul:Are you placing an order with us today? If so I can include what you need with the order.

Guest:Yes I am.

Guest:Can you verify that the Rainbow SE has the D4 motor. Looking at the diagrams it looks like my vacuum has the D4 motor.

Paul:OK,I’m pretty sure what you need is a strain relief grommet. If you can remind us of this chat in the special instructions part of the checkout form I will include the grommet with your order at no charge.

Guest:What should I write in the special comments? Something like

Paul:Just say “Paul said to include a strain relief with this order”


Guest:One more question

Guest:Does the Rainbow SE use the D4 motor?

Paul:Yes,the motors are the same for D4,D4C and D4C SE

Guest:Thank you. Ok 2 more questions.

Paul:You did mean the Main Suction Motor –Correct?

Guest:Can I use the pliobond to reattach the cord holder to the power nozzle pipes

Guest:And do you know the model of the power nozzle?

Paul:Hmm.. I don’t know,never tried it. It’s a great adhesive,we use it to put hoses together and it holds for years. You would probably need to clamp them together for several hours for it to set.

Paul:I don’t know specifically what the model is but it is one of either 1650,2800 or 4375 –all 3 models take the same replacement parts,they were just different shades of brown and different decals.

Guest:Yes,I do mean the main suction motor. I am ordering the Rainbow D4 motor gasket flange,Rainbow D4 motor gasket,and Rainbow D4 flange screws

Guest:Thank you Paul. You have been very helpful. I’m glad your live support is so easy.

Paul:You’ll have no problem with that. Some motors have 4 screw holes and some had eight. The new flanges have eight holes but they are spaced evenly so they will line up.

Paul:You’re welcome –anytime.

Guest:Thank you again Paul. I will include the comment in the special instructions.


Guest:Paul,can I ask one more question

Paul:Sure –there’s no limit on questions.

Guest:Is there any kind of sealant used between the Motor Gasket Flange and Outer Baffle Plate?


Guest:Any suggestions on get rusted screws out of Motor Gasket flange?

Paul:I have not found a cure-all fix for this. If they are too rusty they are simply going to break off. Wire brush them clean as possible first and just hope that the screwdriver is going to bite. I’ve had to resort to drilling them out more times than I can count. Then just use vise grips to get the remainder of the screw out. The good thing is that the flange will hold securely with just 4 screws. So if you mess up a screw hole or two,you will still be safe.

Guest:That’s great. Thanks again Paul.

Paul:Anytime Doug.